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Pyston 0.2 released

We've been working very hard over the past few months, and I'm very proud to "release" version 0.2.  I set up a shiny new dedicated Pyston blog, and you can see the announcement here:

I'm putting "release" in quotes since we're not distributing binaries due to the "early access" nature, and in fact the v0.2 tag in the repository is already out of date and there are a number of features that have landed on trunk.  But still, I think it's a milestone deserving of a version number bump.

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  1. Friendly reminder to tag this as “pyston” – searching the implementation in Google yields as a top result.

  2. I’ve been reading a bit about pyston/llvm lately. I find it quite interesting, though I’m a bit to this post. I imagine you have many things on your list of projects. I was thinking about how adding function annotations a la mypy might improve the performance on this. It could be as simple as if the function annotations are provided via mypy, then that might change how you do some of your optimizations.

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