Email reminder services

I’m a big fan of email reminder services, since my email inbox is the only thing that I reliably check on a regular basis.  It’s extremely convenient for me if I can set up something to ping me via email to remind me when I need to do something.

So I’ve used a couple services over the years: first, I used, which was a pretty cool site.  But the company behind it eventually closed down, and shut down the service.  So I switched to, which was also pretty good.  But now they’ve decided to discontinue the service.  Now I’ve decided to try out  I’ve only just entered in my reminders, but it seemed pretty painless and I assume that the reminders will work as I want.  Let’s hope that they stay around…

What is it about these products that make them so hard to maintain? mentioned how they spend a disproportionate amount of their time dealing with spam, which I suppose makes sense.

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