Well, I hate to say it, but Avatar didn’t live up to my expectations. Probably because they were impossibly high. Personally, i found the storyline to be cliche and predictable. The graphics, as expected, were amazing, but overall the movie was missing that feeling of “oh s***” that I’ve felt in all my all-time favorite movies.  Totally worth seeing, though; it just didn’t make it to my list of favorite movies, like I was led to believe it would.

I read this great review, that I totally agree with, that compared Avatar’s effects on the film industry to the iPhone’s effects on the smart phone industry: revolutionary. I also think they both have another important property: they’re expectation setting. The create a new class for themselves, which is miles above the other products. But within that class, you figure that someone could do a better job (for instance, by putting a worthwhile storyline into the movie). Fortunately, I think we’re going to see a lot of directors try to copy Cameron, just like a lot of phone manufacturers coppied Apple. And I look forward to seeing more movies that use 3D so well (but ad long as they’re on circularly-polarized projectors, not linearly-polarized!).

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