Rosetta Stone

I did a bunch of traveling over winter break.  And there are a few things that are a constant about traveling: the first is the hassle, which I partially deal with by taking trains whenever I can instead of flying.  The other is seeing large displays of Rosetta Stone boxes.  It’s to the point that I get annoyed seeing the same ads of the farmer boy going after the supermodel, but at the same time I think they made a pretty smart move in deciding where to advertise.  By targeting travelers, they tend to get the people that travel the most, who are the most likely to want/need to learn another language.

I mean, I know that advertisers will advertise on channels that have the right audiences for their products, or in the right magazines and so on.  But it’s never as in-your-face as with Rosetta Stone in airports and train stations.  Kudos, I suppose.

One response to “Rosetta Stone”

  1. oh god. i really cannot stand those rosetta stone ads. they miss the point of the product, theyre superficial, and they probably alienate most females who would consider buying the product. plus, rosetta stone is super expensive and not something a farmboy would have even heard of.


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