Two new hosting providers: DigitalOcean, and BitVPS

For some reason my shared hosting provider comparison post keeps on getting more traffic than the rest of my blog combined, which makes me feel compelled to post more about that space, even though I’m not particularly knowledgeable or necessarily interested in it.  But anyway, I’ve recently run into two more providers that seem pretty promising, DigitalOcean, and BitVPS.

DigitalOcean caught my eye due to it’s low starting price of $5/month, and the styling of its website, although a little cheesy, is definitely more modernized and gives less of a “there has to be a catch” vibe than the other low-cost VPS offerings I’ve seen.  That said, I haven’t used this, and the only reason I heard of this service is because of a security misstep on their part, so caveat emptor.

The other site is BitVPS, which I ran into while learning about Bitcoin.  It seems like an amazing service for customers and a terrible service to run, because it allows for the possibility of completely anonymous hosting.  I guess this is also possible with pre-paid credit cards that are bought with cash, but if you take the time to properly anonymize your bitcoins, this seems like a decent possibility for approaching internet untraceability.  Like DigitalOcean, though, I haven’t tried this.

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